Early Childhood Program


Tendu’s, Tutu’s & Tiara’s

Here at South Jersey Ballet School, we take pride in teaching our youngest group of aspiring dancers. Our goal is to provide quality instruction to your children, while allowing them to have fun, explore their creativity, and get rewarded throughout the year. Our Early Childhood classes have a small student to teacher ratio, so your child can get close attention in class. We close our classes at a maximum of ten students, which enables the young dancers to focus on the teacher and the tasks given much more easily and without as many distractions.

Pre-Ballet is designed for children ages three and four.  During this 45 minute class, the children will learn the very basics of ballet technique, as well as learning how to work in a small group with others and improving their motor skills.  They work on standing in a straight line, diagonal line, or circle with others, basic ballet positions of the feet and arms, introduction of “turn out” vs. “parallel”, basic stretches, and elementary movements tPre Ballet Pichat are the foundation of ballet technique.   Once the aspiring dancers have improved their motor skills, they are ready to use the ballet barre and work more on the traditional ballet technique.  After a short amount of “barre work” and basic stretching, the dancers work on ballet steps that incorporate balance, hopping, skipping, jumping, and galloping. Ages 3-4

Intro to Ballet is the last stage of the Early Childhood Program before entering “Level 1 Ballet.”  This class is designed for children ages five and six.  Intro to Ballet prepares the dancer for a traditional ballet class, which includes barre work, center work, and traveling across the floor.  In the 45 minute class, these young dancers will do all of these elements of the ballet class, while still emphasizing a fun, creative atmosphere. Ages 5-6

In all of our Early Childhood classes, the dancers learn proper classroom etiquette.  They learn how to work politely with others and follow directions.  The dancers are also exposed to traditional ballets at a young age and are invited to participate in our theater company’s annual productions, as well as our annual June recital.  It is a wonderful opportunity for a dancer to be able to perform on stage at a young age.  The instructors in our Early Childhood Program use lots of creative imagery to keep the students interested, and we also believe in small rewards throughout the year to keep these young students motivated.  Parents will be invited into the class for a “Parent Observation Week,” in the middle of the year as well as an “Award Week” towards the end of the year.  During Parent Observation Week, parents will have the opportunity to watch the entire class and observe the skills that their children have been learning during the year.  During Award Week, each child will have the opportunity to be recognized for his or her achievements in class.  Both of these special classes are great opportunities for the parents to get involved, take photos, and make special memories with their children.  Our young dancers will also be able to invite a friend into class with them during “Bring a Friend to Dance Week.”  This is a great way for the dancer to be able to share their love of dance with a friend.  And remember, we are happy to reward you with a discount when referring a friend to our school!  South Jersey Ballet School’s Early Childhood Program is the perfect start to building your child’s confidence, poise, and development, while introducing him or her to this beautiful art form.

Mice (ages 4-6) with Clara in “The Nutcracker”

midsummer 2016 IMG_4802

Level 1 ballet class working hard at the barre