Registration fee $20.00

Tuition Quarterly  (every 9 Weeks)

Pre-Ballet, Jazz

Creative                      $120.00
Pre-Ballet $120.00
Introduction to Ballet $120.00
Introduction to Jazz $120.00
Two classes per week $215.00

Beginner-Intermediate and Advanced

Ballet, Jazz & Modern Classes

(Price is per quarter)

One 1 hr. Lesson per week $135.00
Two 1 hr. Lessons per week $252.00
One 1 ¼ hr. Lesson per week $158.00
Two 1 ¼ hour Lessons per week $285.00
One 1 ½ hour Lesson per week $168.00
Two 1 ½ hour Lesson per week $300.00
Three 1 ½ hour Lessons per week $395.00
Four 1 ½ hour Lessons per week $480.00
Five 1 ½ hour Lessons per week $560.00
Two 2 hour Lessons per week 

Level 1 Program 2-ballet, Jazz, Modern

Level 3 Program  3 Ballet classes

Petite Company-All Level 2 classes





Jr. Company- All Level 3 classes $575.00
Sr. Company & Trainees-unlimited $650.00

Late Fees

There will be a $10 late fee assessed on any unpaid balance remaining after the second week of the quarter period.

Make-Up Lessons

Make-up lessons are offered for absence due to illness provided notificaiton of the student’s inability to attend classes has been received in advance by the school’s director. Make-up lessons may be used only within the current quarter. Tuition credit is not given in place of make-up lessons. There are no make up lessons due to inclement weather or power outages.  There are NO make-up classes for Summer session.

All absences should be emailed or called into the studio prior to class. Please leave a message at 856-768-1740.


Costume Fees

Costume down payments due November 12 – $50 per costume

Costume balance due January 10

Company students may require additional costumes not included in down payment or original billing. Costumes price range from $75-$95 per costume, accessories may be needed at an additional cost.



All student perform in the end of the year recital. No recital fees.  No ticket requirements.


Family Savings

Receive a 10% discount for siblings.  $30 family registration fee


Company Members perform 2-3 times a year outside the studio at malls, churches, adult and children living facilities or charity events. Company members also perform an additional dance in the end of the year recital. Company member rates include Ballet, Jazz, Modern & Company class. Company members are required to take all forms of dance.

New Jazz I Monday at 4:30 & Jazz II Tuesday at 4:30

Level 1 Program $375 per quarter, 2 Level 1 Ballet classes, Jazz I and Modern I