Saturday, September 18th

Company/Trainees 2:00-6:00

Sunday, September 19th

Mice 1:00-1:30


Young Party Children 1:30-1:45


Clowns 1:45-2:30

Sugarplum Attendants 2:15-2:45


Angels 2:15-3:00


Party Scene (Party Girls & Party Boys) 3:00-3:45


Snow Assistants 3:45-4:15


Battle Scene (Soldiers, Soldier Assistants, Rats): 4:15-5:00


Candy Canes 5:00-5:30


Arabian Assistants 5:30-6:00


Snow Act 2 5:30-6:00

*Parents/Guardians - if you haven't already done so, please be sure to come in before your dancer's rehearsal to pay production fee, sign Agreement Form, & pick up Nutcracker folder with important information